Albatross Studio

Workout Cash, now known as Hoofit, offers gamification of fitness activities.
Hoofit partnered with Studio Albatross to create a 60 second Ad film for the digital channels which would capture the idea in a funny way.
The important objectives of the film were

  • To give an appropriate metaphor for the offerings
  • To address the target audience, speak within their surroundings.
  • Be funny while doing it.

The concept was weaved around the idea – Better fitness, more rewards.


Writer-Director – Nachiket Dhavalikar
Cinematography – Siddharth Joshi, Paresh Deshpande
Edit – Onkar Pradhan
Colouring – Paresh Deshpande
Production Manager – Nitish Ghare
Casting – Siddharth Joshi
Cast – Kunal Phadke, Devendra Joshi, Anupama Kulkarni & others.
Produced by – Studio Albatross





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